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Jack's Story

Welcome to Our Pack! 

Three Big Puppies

John Brandenburg / Founder


Summer Hayes / Co-Founder

I started Jack's Pet Hemp Oil and other natural pet supplies to help our pet companions be healthy, happy, and thrive. My friends have told me that in their next life they want to come back as a Brandenburg dog! I just chuckle and think, “So do I!”


My family has had a long history with dogs, cats, and a parrot (Amigo). I grew up with dogs everywhere.  They quickly became part of our everyday life and the lead characters of my story.  I love having my dog by my side, watching out for each other, and exploring the world together.  As he ages, things we did before become a little more difficult.  I do not want to imagine my adventures without my friend, which is why I developed Jack’s Med - Pet Hemp Oil.

Why CBD?  As Jack was aging he needed a little extra help. Jack was always a very lively pup. He would run and hop while excited and playing. When he started to age, I was looking for a solution that was healthier for him than standard opioids or NSAID. I was taking CBD for my arthritic shoulder. I started to wonder if dog CBD would help jack as it helped me, so I did my research, and I started Jack on hemp CBD.  Jack started taking one dropper of Hemp CBD everyday, and he improved! Jack's Pet CBD helped with his mobility and helped with his pain. I also noticed Jack was dealing with anxiety of aging, similar to how humans do. Jack’s CBD helped manage and ease all of those issues for Jack. 

John Brandenburg

Meet my pet pack!  All the members living and dead! 
Jack, Tomba (named after Alberto Tomba, Italian ski racer), Oliver, Stan, Wolfgang, Oso1, Oso II ,Truman(names after Truman Sparks from the movie Fandango),  Angus, Kramer, Little Bit, Amigo, and Ruby Begonia (cat, named after my grandmother and her favorite flower).

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