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Pet Parent Testimonies


This is my cat Ollie. Trimming his claws has always been a stressful affair for us. He gets really aggressive whenever we tried trimming his claws and often goes into attack mode. A friend of ours who experienced the same problem with their cats recommended a calming solution called Jack's pet hemp oil. We tried this product and it is truly amazing. 

We administered a dose to his meal an hour before attempting to trim his claws and within a short period of time we found Ollie to be in a calm and relaxing state. For the first time were able to trim his claws without a struggle. I truly recommend this product to anyone who has an angry or tense cat. - David V.

Pet Parent Testimonies

I am so pleased with the changes in my Shih Tzu Louie after using Jack’s Meds! Before finding Jack’s Meds Louie suffered from separation anxiety and barked frantically for most of the day while I was at work and overreacted when I came home by barking hysterically. He excessively licked his paws, furniture and us! After taking Jack’s meds he no longer barks or licks and rests much better at night. Louie is eleven years old. He seems to have more energy and a better appetite. The changes are all positive and I will continue using Jack’s Meds because I know Louie is happier. - Theresa K.


“My Shih Tzu Chewie is 14 years old and has been in kidney failure for 2 years. She stopped drinking fluids and became very week. I started her on Jacks Hemp pet tincture and soon she started drinking water again, gained weight and was back to her spunky self. Her kidney lab work has came out perfect for over a year now. Now we never go a day without Jacks Hemp pet tincture. ”        ~Billy H.

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