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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Jack’s Pet Shop we are pet parents just like you. They are our kids, and as they age, they can begin to suffer from health ailments:  cancer, arthritis, hip dysplasia, kidney failure, allergies, separation anxiety, etc. Our motivation to create Jack’s Med was to improve our pets' overall well-being and health.  It worked so well with Jack, we want to share it with your pets too!

There is nothing more dear to our hearts than a pet's well-being. We believe all natural remedies can reduce the need for, or even eliminate the use of, traditional pharmaceutical drugs that can cause adverse side effects.  Our product includes the highest quality CBD products and thorough lab testing. We refuse to compromise on quality. 


Our mission is to create the most premium CBD products in order to maintain the optimal health of your pets and ours. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

“The royalty at my house loves their Jacks Hemp Oil pet tincture . My shih tzu's Princess and Cinderella are 14 years old. Princess has issues with allergies but has no side effects from Jacks Hemp Oil. Cinderella has issues with anxiety. Jacks Hemp Oil helps with thunder storms and 4th of July fireworks. In general, they are happier, eat better and seem to get around better with Jacks Hemp Pet Tincture.”

 - Terri S.


"We have two Dobermans with extreme separation anxiety. Leonidas is 9 years old and also has severe hip dysplasia and arthritis in his spine. He had severe allergies and had to take injections every month. With using Jacks Hemp pet tincture we have been able to eliminate all allergy medication and lesson the amount of pain medication. Leonidas can get around much better without the inflammation in his hips and without all the side affects of allergy injections. Delilah is 3 years old and was a night owl and awake all hours of the night. With using the Jacks Hemp pet tincture she sleeps through the night. Both kids are much more comfortable and relaxed when I must leave the house and during thunderstorms. Jacks Hemp pet tincture is and always will be part of there daily regimen."

 - Summer H.

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