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Pet Allergies

Do you live with the constant struggle of a pet with allergies? Let me give you some tips to save you literally thousands of dollars at a pet dermatologist. My son Leonidas is allergic to everything in the world and when he was one year old we took him to a pet dermatologist. Every trip was 1000.00 dollars per visit. Even though the trip was far and expensive, I learned so much from the doctor.

If your pet itches and scratches, licks their feet, has dooaroo everyday, hair loss, sores and hives, then chances are they have allergies. There are so many different allergies just like in humans. You pet could have mild and only be allergic to one particular thing or multiple allergies and be allergic to everything. The best and first thing you should do is having your family veterinarian perform an allergy test. You would not believe what actually shows up on the test results. When we received the results of Leonidas’s test we couldn’t believe how every food we tried he was allergic to. He was severely allergic to our wool rug in our living room. Grass, mesquite bloom, mosquitoes, cucumbers, the dye that makes up the color purple, and the list was extremely long. I felt overwhelmed and thought how can we make him comfortable with him being allergic to everything. Well, don’t get frustrated because it’s actually easier to deal with than you think.

First I would change the food and go with exotic meat such as kangaroo, rabbit, or fish and only ancient grains. Your allergy test will tell you every meat and grain there allergic to. Start your pet on Jacks Hemp oil to help soothe the skin. During the season changes such as spring and summer you may notice your pets licking there feet often and scratching. Everything is blooming, grasses are growing and a simple thing you can do is rinse your pet off in the shower each night to remove all the pollen and grasses from their skin. It actually makes a big difference for something so simple and free.

Once a week I bath Leonidas with Dechra Trizchlor 4 for his allergies. Delilah has really dry skin so I use Dechra DermAllay. Dechra product line is veterinarian approved and believe me, their products make a huge difference. Always wash their ears out after a bath with Dechra Malacetic cleanser. Especially if your pet has floppy ears and tends to get earaches. This dries out any moisture that gets trapped in there ears. I use Johnson’s baby tear free shampoo just on there heads. Sometimes there cute faces get stinky and not kissable.

Vacuuming multiple times a week helps rid of the allergens and dust on the floor and actually makes a big difference. Also if you can get rid of all the carpet in your house then even better. Carpet is a magnet for allergens. You need to make it a habit to once a week wash everything the pet lays on. Every week I wash my kids beds, their blankets, pillows, they’re suckies, and their toys. I have blankets on the sofas and wash them every week as well.

So to some it all up, the simplest things you can do actually makes a huge impact for your pets comfort and well being. Give those pets big hugs and kisses!

Summer Hayes

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