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New Years With Your Pets

Most people make a New Years resolution or a list of resolutions. Why not include your pet in those resolutions. A New Year and a fresh start. So many people choose to get their health back on track after all the holiday food. Well how about your pets. It’s the perfect time to make sure your pet’s health is in tiptop shape.

Start by making that appointment to your veterinarian and get your pets yearly health check. Be sure you get your pets on a monthly heartworm treatment. Start walking with your pets. What’s good for you is good for them. Not to mention they will enjoy it. It’s the perfect time to start your pets on

for overall health. Perhaps get a nutrient supplement for immune health. You take vitamins and so should your pets. Studies show that bonding more with your pet and enjoying down time together actually lowers stress and anxiety levels. I truly believe that loving on my babies 100 times a day helps me relax and decompress.

Normally there are always fireworks on New Years Eve and New Years Day.

This can be a frightening time for your pets. My kids hate the loud noises. I have a few suggestions that can help. Make sure you give your pets a dose of Jacks Pet Hemp Oil for anxiety. Also I turn the TV up louder than normal and give my kids a natural split antler to keep their mind off the fireworks. Keep your pets in the house and make them feel part of your ringing in the New Year. I love to take pictures of my babies on New Years and we try to get one big family photo. The kids love to wear festive New Years accessories to. Delilah loves to play dress up with mommy. I got many beautiful pictures of her ready to celebrate. We usually have the fireworks on the TV and that helps them cope also with the sound of the fireworks outside.

Some of you will be having friends and family over to celebrate. Just remember that your food and drinks are not for your pets. Ask your guest to not feed them. Watch out for the counter surfer dogs and try to keep all those

appetizers out of reach. Just remember this, it’s your pet’s house. Not your guest. If your pets are showing anxiety, try to comfort them. They’re looking to you for comfort. It will really help them and you have a better time if you make your pets feel included in the celebration.

This year my top resolution is to spend every minute possible loving on my kids. Second resolution is to take as many videos and photos of my kids as possible. Nothing is more important to me than them. Of course you all know my dogs are my children. So with this New Year make your pets health a top priority and put them on your resolution list to. I wish you all a Wonderful and Happy New Year and give those pets big Hugs and Kisses.

Summer Hayes

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