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My Holistic Approach To Cancer With My Dog

Two months ago I got the most devastating news. After being at a major animal hospital with my dog Delilah all day, the doctor found a 3 inch long tumor in her head. Of course I had them send the tumor for testing to find out if it was benign or malignant. It was so scary to see what had been growing in my baby’s head and causing her to have nosebleeds. The tests came back that Delilah had osteosarcoma cancer. I broke down into tears. Immediately I called our family veterinarian. He was in such shock just as we were. He explained to me that it is one of the fastest spreading and most painful cancers. Our veterinarian said “Summer, I am with you every step of the way through this”. He told me research everything you can and lets get together and make a holistic approach of what is best for Delilah.

You see chemotherapy wasn’t an option because it really has no impact on this type of cancer. Radiation wasn’t an option because it is a localized treatment for one area. This cancer is a bone cancer and spreads throughout the whole body. A few days after receiving the news and several long sleepless nights of research, my family veterinarian and I set down and went over everything I found for a holistic approach to treating Delilah’s cancer. If you are experiencing something similar and you don’t get the help and consulting from your veterinarian, please folks find one that will help you through this journey. Luckily my veterinarian is so wonderful and truly cares about my dogs well being and what can we do naturally for my kids rather than big pharmaceutical pushes.

First and for most my veterinarian said absolutely use the Jacks Med Hemp Oil. CBD for pets helps with seizures, inflammation, pain, mood swings, restlessness, but also helps other holistic herbs you would be using be able for their body to absorb in there system better. Turkey tail mushroom pills or powder has great results with killing some cancer cells and slowing the growth of cancer. Indian root or sometimes-called black salve also has so many studies in killing the cancer in humans and pets. Chinese Herbs is a long time highly used treatment for bleeding and destroying cancer cells. Turmeric, a great anti-inflammatory. Together my vet and I came up with a plan for Delilah. If anything, I just wanted the cancer to not spread so fast so I have more time with my baby.

Now two months later, she is doing really well and Christmas will be soon. All we could hope for was that we have just one more Christmas with Delilah. My dogs are my children. They are my everything. If someone asks what I do for a living I say “Oh I’m a full time dog mommy”. You must always remember that you are your pets voice; you are there advocate, their best friend and the love of their life. It is your responsibility to do everything you can to ensure they have the best life.

So many times I have wondered, could I have done something different, Is it my fault, how did this happen. The answer is no. But there are so many things you could do to give your pet more time, make them more comfortable. Naturally! Unfortunately so many pharmaceuticals only mask the issue and actually cause adverse reactions and don’t give you any more time with your pet.

I am here to tell you that we all could use a support system, reach out to other people that have experienced or are going through cancer with there pet. It can seam like the scariest, feeling lost, overwhelming and emotional time. Just so you know I am here for you. If I can research anything or share with you my holistic approach to cancer with my dog I sure will. I could go on for hours about this subject. Feel free to comment or reach out to us about your experience or any questions about my holistic approach to cancer.

Delilah is only 3 years old. She is my baby. I have had two dogs already pass away over the years from cancer. Both was taken so fast. I have made it a mission to do anything I can to help not only my dog but if my story can help anyone else’s pet.

Summer Hayes

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