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Delilah’s Christmas Story.

This year we had to celebrate Christmas a few days early due to work. But Delilah and Leonidas could hardly wait to open there presents. My heart was filled with so much joy just to see how excited they were. What did Santa Paws leave them? We made sure this was the best Christmas the kids ever had. There was tissue paper and stuffing from toys everywhere. The kids played for hours. Leonidas actually fell asleep in the middle of all toys. Nothing made me happier.

Then our Christmas day was over and their Daddy had to leave for work. Christmas Eve, Delilah declined. Her behavior changed and she would have periods of being completely frightened and not aware. She has had a few episodes of spinning in a circle for long periods of time. When I found out Delilah had cancer months ago I asked her to just make it through Christmas. And that she has. She has really been a trooper and hung in there. These changes that are happening with Delilah was on the list of what to expect. I just couldn’t believe it was so soon. And on Christmas Eve. Honestly the day we celebrated Christmas she was the happiest baby. That’s all that matters.

I took Delilah to our family Veterinarian and explained the changes. He said Delilah is neurologically declining and he could see that she wasn’t the same Delilah he had always new. She is now having mild seizures and more pain. Delilah has become aggressive towards others and her siblings. This is no fault of hers. She doesn’t understand what is happening and during a seizure she doesn’t know what is going on. It is truly heartbreaking to watch. I think to myself that she seems fine more of the time than not. I am having a really hard time excepting the reality.

Dr. Raphael said it would only get worse from here. That as my friend he is telling me don’t wait till she is suffering. I would never want my baby to suffer in any way. I must except this cruel hard reality and make the decision at the appropriate time. I honestly believe that having Delilah on the Jacks Hemp Oil is the reason she had went so long without seizures.

To be honest with you, writing this blog today is hard for me. But I only hope that anyone else going through this with there pet realizes they’re not alone.

The last two days Delilah has had good days. I do understand that it will come and go. I’m so thankful that we did Christmas early and we took lots of pictures and videos. So many memories for us to cherish. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and made new memories and took lots of pictures. I will continue to update you, my readers about Delilah as things change.

Coming soon, the New Years blog! Hug and Kiss those 4-legged babies and have a wonderful week.

Summer Hayes

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