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Christmas with your Pets!

​ Your pets are your family members and therefore should be sharing the holiday festivities with you. There are so many ways to make them feel included in everything you do. Every year I love to buy new Christmas hats or Christmas headbands and dress my kids up for Christmas. They really enjoy it. I take each kids picture in front of the Christmas tree and then a picture of them all together. I always use the group picture for my Christmas card every year.

​ Nothing says Christmas with your pet more than doing Christmas crafts with them. My favorite craft is to make salt dough ornaments with there paw prints. You can make a painting of a Christmas tree from there paw prints for a little homemade Christmas art. Or maybe a bouquet of flowers with there paws prints. If your decorating the house and the tree then you can make them feel included by sitting on the floor with them as you get all the ornaments ready to hang. Let’s not forget that your pets want a stocking to. I always have a stocking for each one of my kids with a special gift from Santa Paws!! When its time to see what’s in our stockings your pets are just as excited to see what’s in there’s.

​ Now its time for everyone to open presents! I always put tons of Christmas sacks with tissue paper in them and a toy in each sack. What dog wouldn’t love to play in a mess of tissue paper and get lots of new toys. It’s just another great way to make them feel included while your family is opening their gifts. After everyone is done opening gifts just let your pets have fun for a bit and trample and roll around through all the Christmas paper and toys. They love it. Don’t forget to make a little video for your memories of your pets with their new toys. It’s something to cherish.

​ When its time for everyone to eat Christmas dinner, kindly ask any guest to please not feed your pets. Nothing could ruin Christmas more than your dog sick all night with dooaroo from eating people food. The list is so long of the don’ts that it’s just better to not give them anything from the table at all. Not to mention it can create a bad habit of begging. But what you can do so your pets feel included in Christmas dinner is, when its time to eat, give your dogs all natural split deer antlers to lick and chew on. Trust me they will be occupied for quite some time. My kids love them.

​ Some of you may have company or large family gatherings. It can actually become stressful and raise anxiety levels in your pets. Before company arrives it is the perfect time to give your pets a dose of Jacks Pet Hemp Oil. It will help them cope with the hustle and bustle of the holidays or car rides if you must travel for Christmas, or the fireworks. Don’t forget that your home is your pet’s safe space. It’s your job to ensure your pets happiness and well being. You are their parents and they will look to you for comfort in what can be a stressful holiday season.

​ What a perfect way to end the day would be to snuggle on the sofa with your pets and watch a Christmas movie all together. Get some soft blankets. Have the fireplace burning if its cold. It will be very relaxing for your pets and give them some bonding time with you and a chance for the whole family to unwind from the day.

​ So during this Holiday Season take lots of photos and videos of your pets. Let them feel special and include them in everything you do. To me, my dogs are my kids. So I make Christmas all about them! Be thankful for those sweet 4-legged kids you have.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year From our family at Jacks Med.

Summer Hayes

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